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who are these world travelers?

The adventure began in 2009, when this family sold everything and hit the road. 
They’ve been touring globally for the past 16 years. 

They've been to over a dozen European countries, plus Japan, Mexico,

El Salvador and Canada. Not to mention, all 50 of the United States!

"Our driving force is loving on people with Christ's love.

All we wanna do is bring hope and joy to the nations."

Now, let's introduce you to the band/ministry members.

(You might want to write this down...)

Scott Lack is the ministry leader, and the father of the crew.

He is their lead guitarist & one of the lead vocalists.

Paula Lack is the momma of the team, and is the wife of Scott.

She plays piano, as well as being a lead vocalist for the group.

Deborah Aull is the oldest daughter. She Is a main vocalist & the bass player.

Deborah's husband, Jarrod Aull, is their sound technician.

He first joined the ministry in 2010.

They also have three little girls that travel full time with the group,

Juniper, Willow & Hickory.

Sarah Jordan is their middle daughter, and she plays the drum set,

as well as being a lead vocalist. She began playing when she was ten.

Elijah Jordan is Sarah's husband, and the newest member of the group.

He plays lead/rhythm guitar, and has been with the group since 2022.

Chloé Gregston is the youngest daughter. She plays mandolin/acoustic guitar,

and she is also the fifth & final lead vocalist of the band.

She was six when the family began touring full time, and is now expecting twin

boys! Her husband is Daniel Gregston, who's been traveling with them since 2021.

He is their banjo player/acoustic guitarist.

In conclusion, this family has a simple objective:

To bring a message of hope to the four corners of the earth.

You will never find a more genuine, faith-filled family.

Interested in bringing them to your city?

Visit the "Contact Us" page, and fill out the submission form!


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